Sunday, November 1, 2009

user feedback (again)


HUAAA D: help me to answer this question for user feedback ^-^
this is some part of my e-card, sorry just blogspot didn't show all the gif >.<""

this if how it looks like when u receive it 
this is how it looks like when u click it

n after it's being opened
1. What do you think about the layout?
a. bad
b. not bad
c. normal
d. good
e. really good

2. What do you think about the color scheme?
a. bad
b. not bad
c. normal
d. good
e. really good

3. Do you think is interesting?
a. no
b. yes

4. Do you understand absolutely what's going on in this card?
a. yes
b. no (tell me which part that made u confused)

5. What do you think about the details on the card?
a. too much
b. just right
c. need more details (tell me which part that looks empty)

6. Any suggestion to improve this card?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

dont believe what u see :D

XD well now i'm gonna post the photo manipulation.. i don't expected gonna change this much like eyes + blush + etc but well i just got carried away :D 

this is my awesome pic




hope ya like it :'D


well~ it's an old work... really forget to submit it coz no internet.. *sigh* >.> n seems i won't get internet for awhile still.. >.> damn it

change the composition n the light direction from before... i prefer this one thou.. want to add color but dunno how ^-^" sorry i'm an amateur

Saturday, October 24, 2009


for now we have to make a e-card ^^ honestly still a bit blur about this but w/e with that now...

there is no shape or picture in my card, and it just full of words only, well.... the color is moody green or cold green so i'm thinking to make the palette green color as well, but it's a smooth color n kinda cold

the first one is this

almost similar to my card's color and it's from someone t-shirt i just took photo of it

the second one

found the color from a pattern in someone house ^^ lucky me another green cold color

the third one

hm, a bit too dark for my card o.o but i like the gradient ^^ it will make my card looks mysterious got it from old photos of mine

buddy icon ^^

well gonna post all the things that i've learnt from DDMM class ^^

the first lesson is about making a buddy icon. we were given the template n we just needed to tracing it n make our own changement on that ^^

n this is the result

template :

result :

10 things that describe myself

so yeah.. my previous blog is but now i should move here because mostly most of my friend use blogspot. oh well, doesn't really matter for me thou ^^ now first let's describe myself

1. AB blood type
well as i know rarely people has this type of blood type. when the first time i checked my blood type with antigen thingy when i was in elementary school, just me n another friend of mine that has AB blood type :D my mom is A and my dad is B if i'm not wrong XD oh n my older bro is AB as well but my younger brother is B if i'm not wrong. Oh, and they say that every blood type has different characteristic, they say that AB blood type kinda weird person >.<" n like something strange n non-sense... >.> oh well kinda true thou...

2. Capricorn
they say that capricorn usually humorous XD but i don't think i am XD nothing special being capricorn thou :D the symbol of capricorn is a halg goat n fish.. my friend say that there is a mythology tells the goat become half fish coz of jump into the lake or slip into the lake XD i forgot!!!

3. Christmas
christmas is a special day for me, not only because of Jesus was born but also it's m y birthday XD well my older brother was born 2 days before valentine day and my younger brother was born on "sumpah pemuda" day. Sumpah pemuda (youth's promises) is a celebration day of a youth that promise to be faithful to Indonesia.

4. Drawing
i looooveee drawing XD some ppl asl me y i don't go to illustration o.o but well i don't want to coz i'm not that good x.x n also i can't draw everyday everytime XD i got sick really fast XD

5. Messy
dang XD i just can't be tidy at all XD idk why o-o don't ask me k?

6. Quiet
well... i'm really quiet x.x especially to the person that i just meet.. i just can't talk n don't feel comfortable with them o.o but somehow when i know them quite well i can talk to them really well XD i can even joke with them an so on XDD oing crazy thing together XD

7. Internet addict
i just can't do anything without internet T-T at least i need to let my msn open to talk with someone T_T like now x.x i'm going crazy without internet in my room T_T

ok what is yaoi? it's boy x boy manga XD n it's awesomeeee XDDD idk i just addicte to it, XD masara minase is my fav mangaka XD

9. Chili lover
i love spicy x3 i always instant noodle n put the chili until the water got red color XDDD my mom doesn't want to try that XD

10. Pesimistic
XD ok no need to explin anymore

Friday, October 9, 2009

eerrr.. ok this is the assignment that my lecturers gave to me, and i need at least 20 ppl to answer my questions x.x" so PLEASE! answer it correctly k? first see these 2 icons o.o

1. what do u think about this icon?

a. excelent

b. good

c. so-so

d. bad

2What's the first thing that come out in ur mind when u see this icon?

a. cake n sweets

b. home n telephone

c. fairytale

d. magic

3. which element do u like the most?

a. shape

b. color scheme

c. background

d. all

e. none

4. which element do u hate the most?

a. shape

b. color scheme

c. background

d. all

e. none

5. do u think it's creative enough?

a. really creative

b. creative

c. normal

d. not really

e. plagiat

6. is there anything i can do to improve this icon?